Making a Booking

If you would like to enquire about a booking at one of our residences, we encourage you to phone us on 1300 885 354 to see if there is a vacancy on the dates you require. We can place a tentative booking on the residence of your choice during that call, and the booking will be confirmed by our receipt of your completed forms, which are available here. Please be aware that we require each different form returned, completed, to confirm the booking.

If you would like to send in the completed forms without making an enquiry first, we cannot guarantee that the dates you request are available. We may also need to contact you to discuss aspects of your booking before we can confirm it.

We appreciate that the duration of cancer treatment can vary depending on a variety of factors. We don't require absolute confirmation of departure date at the time of booking, and are happy to extend or contract your booking according to your need, so long as the residence is not otherwise booked. However, we would appreciate an approximation of the length of your stay with us so that we can coordinate multiple requests.

We offer residences in Melbourne, Sydney, Canberra and Brisbane. Please click on the relevant city for more information on the relevant residences. 

Many patients qualify for financial support for travel and/or accommodation when they need to travel in order to receive medical treatment. This support is provided by the state government where you reside. Further information can be found here:

Australian Capital Territory

In the ACT, the program is known as the Interstate Patient Travel Assistance Scheme, or IPTAS. It only applies to ACT residents travelling interstate for treatment because the small size of the ACT itself means that treatment conducted within the ACT will be within reasonable travel distances, and so exempt from compensation. Information and application forms are available at They can be phoned on 02 6205 5868.


New South Wales

In NSW, the program is known as the Isolated Patients Transport and Accommodation Assistance Scheme, or IPTAAS. Information and application forms are available at There are a range of IPTAAS offices available, and they can be phoned on 1800 478 227.


Northern Territory

In the NT, the program is known as the Patient Assistance Travel Scheme, or PATS.  Information is available at There is no application form available, as applications can only be lodged by your specialist. For assistance, contact your nearest PATS office, which is located in the major hospitals. Phone numbers are available on the website, above.



In Queensland, the program is known as the Patient Travel Subsidy Scheme, or PTSS. Detailed information is available at, including the application form.. There is no central phone number to call, but many hospitals have dedicated PTSS staff available to you if you have any questions about or problems with your application.


South Australia

In South Australia, the program is known as the Patient Assistance Transport Scheme, or PATS. Detailed information, including contact information, can be found at
Application forms are also available on that site.  There are several PATS offices, and the relevant one to you will depend on your home address. Contact details for each office are available at the PATS website, above.



In Tasmania, the program is known as the Patient Travel Assistance Scheme, or PTAS. Information, including application forms, is available at PTAS offices and coordinators are located in various locations, and each has its own phone number. Information can also be obtained from the Department of Health and Human Services, Service Tasmania, or your referring doctor.



In Victoria, the program is known as the Victorian Patient Transport Assistance Scheme, or VPTAS. Information is available at and the Department of Health & Human Services can be phoned on 1300 737 073. Application forms are available on the website, and are available from many doctors' clinics, hospitals or rural health regional offices.


General information

We are happy to help you with completion of the forms to the best of our ability. Unfortunately, we may not know the answers to all your questions and encourage you to contact the relevant authority for more specific assistance.

Please be aware that there are eligibility requirements in each location which must be met before financial assistance will be provided. Some personal contribution may also be required. Financial support is offered for the patient in most cases, and may also be available for one or more escorts, if they are deemed necessary by the medical specialists treating the patient. There may also be time limits in which the forms must be submitted. Please contact the relevant body for more information and what entitlements you may qualify for.

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